Our brand name derived from a French word ‘FIER’ which means ‘PROUD’. We believe that every woman should be proud of themselves in all skins. No matter what your definition of beauty, it is achievable with the right cosmetics. Our luxurious cosmetics not only transform you on the outside. It transforms you from inside, filling you with a sense of empowerment and strength, and that is something you should be PROUD of!

When you have to juggle work and family, you might often make allowances when it comes to looking your best. Our wide range of vegan and toxin-free cosmetics help mask imperfection while giving your skin the extra care it needs. If you have an active lifestyle, you can easily wear our skin-friendly cosmetics while you workout. Our multi-functional cosmetics with easy application and stay-all-day durability are perfect for your morning beauty routine that will last all day long no matter how busy you have been. In short, ‘touch up’ will no longer be in your vocabulary once you have introduced FIER cosmetics to your beauty regime.

FIER founder is a certified and professional makeup artist who believes that it is up to us to make collective choices that would help improve our health and also make the world a better place to live in. By supporting our cosmetics, you are also taking a stand against animal cruelty and animal suffrage. We are proud to offer all-natural and cruelty-free cosmetics that use nourishing ingredients that do your skin a lot of good.

FIER cosmetics give you confidence and help you exude the best possible version of yourself. Beauty is empowering, and our cosmetics will add a new lease on life – no matter what your age, weight, economic situation.

Remember, the way you view yourself is the way others view you!